Frequently Asked Questions by New Mothers Regarding Ear Piercing for Babies

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New mothers want their babies to look beautiful, and one way to achieve it is by piercing the kids' ears for donning earrings. Despite the different opinions regarding ear piercing for babies, the decision to do it or not remains a personal decision of a parent. However, it is critical for new parents to do their research and understand what the ear-piercing process involves. This article highlights some of the frequently asked questions concerning ear piercing for babies. 

Does It Hurt? -- One of the main concerns that new mothers have when mulling over the decision to have their baby's ears pierced is whether the procedure hurts. The answer to the question is YES. Ear piercing hurts, but the pain is short-lived -- it is comparable to the immunisation shots that a baby gets as a toddler. Some parents are of the opinion that ear piercing is less painful since, unlike immunisation shots, it is done faster and on thin skin rather than on muscle tissue. New parents should seek the services of a qualified jeweller since the quality of equipment and professionalism will keep the pain at bay. 

When Is the Best Time to Pierce? -- There is still debate regarding the best time to have a baby's ears pierced. Some parents wait until a baby is one year old since the ear's skin is fully developed. While it might be true, one-year-olds can readily fidget with their ears and prolong the healing process. Additionally, by frequently and consciously pulling on the earrings, one-year-olds will often lose their earrings. Other parents believe that ear piercing should be done within the first two weeks after a baby's birth since the range of motion of the baby's hands is limited, hence less fidgeting with the ears. On the other side, some parents do it when the baby is a few months old. While there is no right or wrong time for the procedure, ear piercing is best done when the baby has little control over their arm movements to ensure quick healing.

Is it Best to Pierce a Baby When Awake or Asleep? -- Due to the pain involved, most parents prefer to have their babies' ears pierced while the babies are sleeping. The babies might not wake up during the procedure, but when they eventually do, they will be angry and uncomfortable. Therefore, it is best to do it while a baby is awake since it is easy to distract them while a jeweller executes the procedure. Just make sure that the baby isn't moving too much

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