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No organization can afford the high cost of supporting under-performing employees, ineffective teams, or executives who can't lead.

Your people, teams, and executives must be

  • capable and resilient,
  • focused on achieving the corporate mission
  • and able to respond immediately to a changing marketplace.

In 2007, people, teams, and executives constantly cope with

  • the changing demands of the economy.
  • the challenges of globalization,
  • and the need to do more, faster, with fewer resources.

While the formal structure of an organization, which names are in which boxes, is important, the informal structures -- how people relate to one another and how the work really gets done -- is the crucial element of an organization's success.

Your people are your most important strategic partners.

Dr. Pat Wiklund has more than 30 years experience with the assessment, realignment and maintenance of people and organizations. She specializes in putting people and organizations back on track. She reads the subtext, uncovering the issues, personalities, and conditions that cause the unspeakable free reign in your office.

Pat identifies those behaviors, idiosyncrasies, and psychological quirks that are roadblocks to productivity. And then, she gives the unvarnished feedback every successful executive must be willing to hear -- and she does it with a common-sense, practical, non-judgmental approach. Her clients get the message, understand the consequences, and participate in designing new structures and approaches to guarantee the results they want.

The Proof of Pat's Effectiveness is her call-back rate.

Pat Wiklund knows that change assessment leads to definitive change only if the program is monitored, realigned, and reinforced on a regular basis.

Unlike consultants who report and abandon, Dr. Pat stays for the whole process, helping you to

  • uncover the causative factors,
  • design the intervention,
  • and, act as a guide and resource during implementation.

Dr. Pat is known as the consultant other consultants call when they can't, or won't take on a challenging person or project, Addressing issues at the intersection of psychology and organizational development, Pat draws on her more than 20 years experience as a mental health professional and more than 15 years experience as an organizational consultant.

Her diverse client list includes the fields of high tech, finance, health care, government, academia and professional practices, including dental, medical, psychotherapy and consulting.

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For additional information, you may complete an information form or contact Dr. Pat Wiklund directly at:

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